This project is a two person game, aiming to win this competition. We hope to enter it in both the Graphics and Gameplay categories.

The game is a stunt car game that sits somewhere between arcade and simulation, but with the core goal of overall fun.

The simulation part of the game will be in the handling and ultra-realistic damage models, while the arcade bit will be for the sweet unreal stunts you can pull.


Currently there are two car options:

a MINI Cooper S, and a De Tomaso Pantera GTS

Current levels include:

a Warehouse level (level selection menu)

a Track level (to be revamped)

a Carpark level (car selection menu)

If you have any ideas, constructive criticisms, queries, or know how to do the features underlined on the wish list, please email one of us:

        Piro: spikey8d@hotmail.com

        Spewboy: etphonehomeplz@hotmail.com

or leave a comment on the blog,

or PM Spewboy at BlenderArtists

  1. Blender 2.48a

  2. CS3 / CS4

  3. 3DS Max

  1. Windows

  2. -Vista/XP/2000/98

  3. Mac OSX

  4. -Tiger 10.4+

  5. -Leopard 10.5+

Current Release: Alpha 2.1

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Burning Rubber - Blender Game Project

To Do / Wish List

Burning Rubber - GE Tuning

title screen

damage models, constraints

fine tune reflection mapping

glass physics

HUD, cockpit and hood cam

Sound FX + BG Music, Binaural, contextual menu music

Loading Bar and pause menu


smoke + particle effects



tyre marks

smoke effects for tyre marks


street rep - credits

custom number-plates (implementation)

aerodynamic down force

soft body tires

air resistance

FishTailing and Back-wheel Slide [midnight club]

NOS radial blur

Mini handling, mesh and model


1680*1050 resolution adaptation

Linux Support

Burning Rubber - Level Ideas

canyon track / desert area level

underwater stunt - 1/2m jump through water

- jump through waterfall

opposite direction thread tube

old discarded aircraft hanger

city level - premeditated stunts

Burning Rubber - Car Models


Toyota Supra

Mazda 2


Subaru WRX300(?)

Bugatti Veyron(?)

Nissan Skyline

Mitsubishi Evo(lution) 7

Lotus Elise

Mazda (RX8)??